Real Estate in Rappahannock County


The Rappahannock County real estate market is vigorous but very small with only about 100 transactions per year for the entire county. At any given time there are about 90 homes for sale in Rappahannock County and 70 parcels of undeveloped land. This is the smallest real estate market in the four counties we serve in the Heart of the Piedmont.

At any given time, more than half of the Rappahannock County homes for sale are listed for under $500,000. These houses include many smaller family homes as well as rustic cabins and country cottages. The cabins and cottages for sale in Rappahannock County are unique dwellings, artistically expressive of the personality of the owner. Folks from the Washington DC area use many of the houses as weekend retreats or retirement homes. Most of the homes in this price range are on smaller lots, usually less than 20 acres.

The homes for sale in Rappahannock County in the $500,000 to $1,000,000 price range tend to be interesting architect designed houses, remodeled historic homes or more substantial family homes. Many of the houses are weekend and summer homes for Washington DC residents. However some folks who are still engaged with their career live here semi-permanently but keep an apartment in town. Homes in this price range usually have lots of between 20 and 70 acres.

Although there are only a handful of grand estates in Rappahannock County, there is always a supply of very unique and special properties over $1,000,000, usually with large tracts of land over. Many include historic old homes although there are also a number of extraordinary contemporary homes. These properties tend to be full time residences for folks who have retired to Rappahannock County.

Land for sale in Rappahannock County ranges from small building lots in Chester Gap to tracts of hundreds of acres. There are three characteristics of land that drive values in Rappahannock County, views, water and privacy. The more of these value characteristics a piece of land has, generally speaking, the higher the price on a per acre basis. Desirable properties almost always have at least two of the three characteristics and exceptional properties have all three.

Because of the small market and low number of transactions, it can take a while for clients to find their dream property. Persistence pays off and Rappahanock County is a fine place to live making the search worthwhile.