The Roads of Rappahannock


The roads that crisscross Rappahannock County boast some of the grandest vistas in the country. They are choice routes for running, walking, biking, and driving. Whether we are showing real estate, running errands, or taking an early morning bike ride or jog, we are always out and about on the roads of Rappahannock. Here are a few of our favorites:

FT Valley Road, Rappahannock Real Estate for Sale

FT Valley Road from Sperryville to Madison
FT Valley Road from Sperryville to Madison. This is one of the most spectacular routes in the eastern United States. With open scenic views and gentle curves and hills it is approximately 20 miles of ideal driving from the town of Sperryville to Madison. Biking may be difficult on FT Valley Road as there is no shoulder for bicyclists.


The Fodderstack Road from Flint Hill to Little Washington
Fodderstack Road, Rappahannock Real Estate for SaleThis dazzling drive is the  route of the annual Fodderstack 10K run in April. There are a number of rolling hills including Lee’s Hill (about halfway along the route) that challenge runners and bicyclists. However, the surprising views around every corner are worth the extra effort.


Long Mountain Loop
Little Long Mountain Road, Rappahannock Real Estate for SaleLong Mountain road is on the right about 1.5 miles past Little Washington. This route includes a short section of Rt. 211, paved secondary roads, and gravel country lanes. After about a mile, stay on Long Mountain Road as it climbs the shoulder of Long Mountain where there are wonderful western views. Turn right on Tiger Valley Road and enjoy a paved ride past country homes and big farms back to Little Washington.

Rock Mills Ramble

Rock Mills Ramble
From Sperryville, take Rt. 211 about 3 miles to Rock Mills Road on the right. Enjoy the panoramic western views across rolling fields and one of Virginia’s largest vineyards. In about 2 miles turn right on Rudisill Mill Road for a short hilly ride to the Five Forks crossroads. Either turn right on Fletcher’s Mill Road to return to Sperryville on a very scenic route or go straight to Woodville on a longer and equally beautiful road. If you go to Woodville, turn right on Rt. 522 to get back to Sperryville. Either way, the roads are all paved.

Skyline Drive, Cheri Woodard Realty

Skyline Drive
Skyline Drive is awesome! Very few roads in America offer the bucolic views and peaceful surroundings that Skyline Drive has. Enter the drive at Thornton Gap, which is about 5 miles west of Sperryville. The low speed limit makes this road ideal for biking. If you are biking, park at Panorama. For a gentle almost level ride, head north for 8 miles to Elk Wallow. If you like climbing, ride south for a steady 5 mile climb to Pinnacles then continue to Skyland. If you are driving go either way and enjoy the spectacular views. Do it on a summer evening during the week and you have the road to yourself.