Banco Overlook

South FT Valley Road • Banco

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The trees grow proud and tall providing a nice shade canopy for the forest floor.
The land is a mixture of second generation woods and newer growth.
The forest floor is relatively clear with minimal undergrowth.
This fallen tree has formed a natural bridge for the forest's smaller denizens.
Nature's beauty can be quite sculptural!
This hollow tree will make a wonderful spot for small animals and their nests.
This granite boulder adds a beautiful element to the land.
An old fire trail runs the length of the ridge top near the property border.
Running cedar carpets the lower portion of the forest floor.
Several large granite boulders add visual interest to the land.
Some of the trees in the forest have been here for many years and are of substantial size.
Acres 47

About the Property

True to its name, Banco Overlook offers commanding views of the FT Valley. The 47 acre +/- property rises from the valley floor up the side of Deal Mountain. Along the way to the top, there are several knolls that would make excellent home sites offering complete privacy and outstanding views. From the ridgeline, the western views are outstanding and the sunsets are sure to be amazing. Carpenter Mountain dominates the foreground while the commanding peaks of Old Rag, Stoneyman and Graves Mountains frame the background with the lush valley floor lying below them.

The property itself is nicely forested with mixture of second growth forest and a few younger trees mixed in. The older trees have formed a broad canopy that has kept the undergrowth to a minimum. Hiking along the wild game trails that criss-cross the property is a breeze. Between the abundant wild game and native flora there is always something interesting to grab your attention. Several granite outcroppings dot the landscape adding to the visual interest of the land. An old fire road that is lightly used by local horsemen and outdoor enthusiasts delineates the eastern border of the property on the ridge.

Despite its perfect privacy Banco Overlook is only minutes from the towns of Madison and Sperryville. For outdoor enthusiasts, the opportunities are limitless. The Robinson, Rose and Hughes Rivers, all great trout streams, are only a few miles away. The opportunity to hike is virtually limitless with easy access to Old Rag and White Oak Canyon just to name a few of the more popular local hikes. The more adventurous hiker could explore Camp Hoover, Herbert Hoover’s summer White House retreat, and the back trails of the Shenandoah National Park. The Rapidan Wildlife Management Area (10,326 acres of state land) is just down the road and offers endless diversions whether it be hiking, camping, hunting or fishing.

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MLS MA8696129
Price $297,000
Acres 47
Taxes $96

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