Old Orchard Farm

FT Valley Road • Sperryville

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Old Orchard Farm
The property rises up the spine of Poortown Mountain. Years ago much of the top of the hill was a peach orchard, hence the name Old Orchard Farm.
A little tree lined valley formed by springs and a small stream at the foot of Poortown Mountain opens to a lush hay-field with great views to the west.
There are views of Turkey Mountain to the North up the FT Valley. Much of the surrounding land is in conservation easement including the majority of Turkey Mountain.
The old home place of the family that originally owned the entire farm is set amongst towering old shade trees.
The property has a number of excellent building sites. From one of the sites, there are outstanding views to the southwest of Hazel Mountain and the Shenandoah National Park.
Much of the lower portion of the property was used for corn years ago. Now large old pines cover it.
There are about 8-10 open acres that are currently used for hay production. Years ago much of the farm was fenced and cattle grazed the fields.
Oventop Mountain dominates the horizon on the western side of the FT Valley.
Although considered an invasive plant, in the fall, bittersweet is a lovely ornamental vine. Fortunately there is just enough bittersweet for a few colorful wreaths.
As the property rises up Poortown Mountain there is a mature forest of poplars and oaks on the steeper terrain.
On a western-facing knoll there is a fine building site where there was previously an apple orchard.
Oventop Mountain dominates views to the west from the old apple orchard.
Pickeral Ridge and Wolf Mountain are visible to the North.
Beaver Dam Creek is a strong stream that flows North to join the Thornton River near Fletchers Mill. The property has three streams and just like in the Three Bears, there is a Baby stream, a Mama stream and a Papa stream. Beaverdam Creek would be considered the Papa stream.
A major tributary of Beaverdam Creek crosses the property near the northern boundary.
Acres 36

About the Property

This enchanting 36 acres +/- property is like a dear old friend bringing back memories of an earlier time when things were relaxed, simple and fun. It is a portion of the old Munday Farm that years ago covered several hundred acres in the northern FT Valley just outside of Sperryville. This was a true family farm with apple and peach orchards, cornfields, hayfields and pasture for cattle. Now looking at the farm it is hard to imagine its agricultural antecedents but if you look carefully in the fields and forests you’ll find relics of its past. Remains of an old chestnut split rail fence, stonewalls, a couple of apple trees and old farm roads provide clues to its homesteading history.

The property has an outstanding location at the northern end of the FT Valley about 2 miles from Sperryville. Sperryville has several excellent restaurants, good galleries, intriguing shops, breweries, a distillery and lots of interesting people. It is only minutes to the Shenandoah National park for hiking, fishing and exploring.

Old Orchard Farm has about 8 – 10 acres of lush pasture that is currently being used for hay production. The balance rises up the western flank of Poortown Mountain to the top of the ridge at almost 1,000 feet in elevation. At the top of the mountain there is a broad gentle plain which was once a peach orchard. The higher elevations kept the trees from budding too soon so there were less susceptible to late killing frosts.

On a gentle western knoll at a lower elevation, there was an apple orchard. Now the old orchard is grown up in brush and vines but there are still a few ancient apple trees. This area is an outstanding building site with 180 degree views across the FT Valley to the Shenandoah National Park.
The property is blessed with plenty of water. There are three streams that cross the property. The smallest one begins at springs at the foot of Poortown Mountain and flows northerly to join Beaver Dam Creek. As it crosses the open fields, there are several areas for a good sized pond. The second stream drains the northernmost part of the FT Valley and also joins Beaver Dam Creek. Beaver Dam Creek is the largest of the three streams and it is a strong-flowing substantial stream.

Old Orchard Farm is approximately two miles, within biking distance, of the village of Sperryville. Sperryville is a charming small town (population 350) with a surprising list of features. Restaurants include the Thornton River Grille, Rudy’s Pizza, Creekside Bakery, and Burgers n’ Things. There is also the Sperryville Corner Store for wine and gourmet treats; Triple Oak Bakery for gluten-free goodies; Heritage Hollow Farm Store for local meat, eggs, and more; Roy’s Orchard for fruits, berries, produce and a huge selection of other grocery items; and Waterpenny Farm for organically-grown self-serve produce.

There are two art galleries and a yoga studio on Main Street and the River District Arts studios and gallery on the edge of town. The village also has boutiques including Coterie and Knit Wit. Just west of the village is a holistic spa and natural foods store. Farther afield but just a short drive away are many more attractions, including the Shenandoah National Park and the Appalachian Trail;  Castleton in Performance, which brings in world-class events. Old Orchard Farm is the ideal property for you to start your own homestead or country retreat.

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Acres 36
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