The Little Villages of Culpeper


Most of the commercial activity in Culpeper County is centered around the Town of Culpeper. However there are numerous little villages with their own unique ambience, shops, and architecture. A few hours touring some of Culpeper’s little villages is a great way to get to know the area and enjoy the superb scenery. Here are a few of our favorite small towns in Culpeper County:

Griffinsburg is our recommended first stop. Start in the town of Culpeper and head up Route 522 for about 5 miles to get to Griffinsburg. The village is named after the Griffin family who were plantation owners. Stop at Cocoa Manna’s for some of their brewing chocolate, a delightful warm chocolaty beverage.

After the chocolate stop, turn right on Griffinsburg Road and go about a mile to Morningside Farm and Nursery. Morningside’s gardens and greenhouses are packed with a unique hand selected collection of beautiful annuals, herbs, and perennials. From beginners to pros, they welcome all gardeners.

Reva, VirginiaContinue on Griffinsburg Road to reach the village of Reva. Enjoy the panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountain to the west as you drive. Turn left onto Shanktown Road then take another left onto Reva Road. Follow Reva Road to the Reva Market for snack, cold drinks, and gas if you need it.

Rapidan VirginiaRapidan is next on the list of Culpeper villages. To get to Rapidan take Route 29 North to Culpeper and then go right on Route 522 South to Rapidan Road. Located at the little crossroads of Winston, Rapidan Road parallels the train track all the way to the village of Rapidan.

The village of Rapidan is unique in that it is actually in two different counties. The village is bisected by the Rapidan River, which puts one side of the village in Culpeper County and the other side in Orange County. Its current buildings, mostly dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s, range from simple vernacular structures to large Italianate and late Victorian farmhouses. Especially significant are the two 1874 Carpenter’s Gothic churches: Waddell Memorial Presbyterian Church on the Orange County side and Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Culpeper County.

From Rapidan, retrace your way back to the town of Culpeper and stop for lunch at one of the many charming restaurants on Davis Street. Head north on Main Street to Route 229 North. In approximately 8 miles you will come to the village of Rixeyville and Ma and Paw’s Country Mall. Stop at this rambling old country store for desert or just to browse.

Continue north on Route 229 for another 6-7 miles and take a right on to Jeffersonton Road to the little village of Jeffersonton. It was settled in 1728 and occupied a strategic site on the road from Fauquier Courthouse (now Warrenton) to Culpeper. Today the village consists of four churches, a community center, a few old dwellings, and the old elementary school, which is no longer in use.

From Jeffersonton, take Springs Road through a lovely estate area to Warrenton and then south on Route 29 back to Culpeper.