Emily Harris

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Fun Facts

  • Food Pantry Volunteer

    I have volunteered with the active food pantry for Rappahannock county residents since 2014. I love cooking, sharing kitchen tips and meeting new people-making the pantry the perfect place for me. I love volunteering with other county residents and sharing my knowledge on preparing some of our locally grown produce and other unique ingredients.

  • Creative Consultant

    When I moved to the country full time I starting helping county residents with social media, brainstorming big ideas, and other projects. Soon after, I realized I needed a title to sum up everything I was doing and came up with ‘creative consultant’ and added ‘for office – craft – food & wine – life’ to my business card figuring that would just about cover just about everything. While my role at CWR keeps me busy, I’m still able to take on a few projects. The coffee shop next door is the perfect place for meetings before I start work. You’ll also find me pouring wine in the tasting room at Gadino Cellars when time permits.

  • Baker Extraordinaire

    I am the unofficial baker of the group and often bring in freshly baked goods to share with everyone in the office. I love baking classics that honor my Swedish ancestry, but my greatest baking joy is when I tweak an old favorite into something fantastic! Sweet and savory, I like all types of baking and cooking, but chocolate is one of my basic food groups.sic food groups.

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