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  • I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Heidi Lesinski on four different real estate transactions over the years. In every case, Heidi has been spot-on with her professional advice, very proactive, and extremely thorough. She is the consummate professional and I trust her real estate instincts without question. I have even referred friends to her for real estate advice and representation, and those friends were very pleased with Heidi’s real estate expertise and guidance.

    I highly recommend Heidi to anyone seeking a successful real estate transaction. She is the best in the business!

    - Liz R.
    Sold By Heidi Lesinski
    Battle Mountain, Amissville, Rappahannock County
  • Thanks to Heidi, we are happier, wiser, and more satisfied with our purchase than we would have ever been without her. She made this possible and we cannot thank her enough!

    Based on experience in other real estate transactions, we appreciated how readily she applied herself to the deal. She was both thorough and fair, making sure that our interests were being represented while remaining conscientious towards the other party. Furthermore, her attentiveness to detail ensured there were no surprises or unexplored considerations about the property or our intentions.

    We definitely benefited from her flexibility and willingness to listen, too. This demonstrated a care for us as clients that fostered a trust between us. We are happy to say that she is both an advisor and a friend and we look forward to welcoming her and her family to be one of the first to visit our new home!

    - Allison P. & Devin P.
    Sold By Heidi Lesinski
    GNM Wilderness, Frederick County
  • My husband and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciated Adam Beroza helping us find a new home in Virginia. It was a somewhat stressful situation as our home in New Hampshire had already been sold and we needed to find a new place in Virginia without delay. Adam cheerfully spent over a week with us looking at properties and helping us select one; guiding us through the entire process from settling on an offer price to closing. After we returned to New Hampshire to organize things on that end. he was exceptionally responsive to any and all requests for assistance or information. Without his help it would have been a much more difficult move.

    - Linda E.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Wildwood Forest, Amissville
  • Adam helped us find a great house in the Culpeper area, so when it came time to move again it was natural to ask him to help us sell it. He was a reliable source of good advice, good humor, and on occasion good food. He gave a well-documented recommendation on choosing a sales price, and continued to supply market updates while the house was on the market. He was our consigliere during the final sales negotiations. In fact, without Adam’s efforts to overcome (very) last minute obstructions in the buyer’s closing process, we doubt we would have received the sale proceeds in time to close on our next house. Thanks, Adam.


    - David & Peg K.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Cedar Run Road, Culpeper
  • As a matter of fact I don’t think the whole experience of selling the cottage could have been any smoother or easier for me! That is because of you and your staff. Again, many thanks.

    - Barbara B.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Moon Road, Rappahannock
  • Thank you for all your help and hard work, which were essential particularly since John and I haven’t been able to get down to Woodville for the past year. You worked hard on the sale and went well beyond usual requirements.

    - Katy A.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Sperryville Pike, Woodville, Rappahannock
  • In the end as we knew when we first wrote you last fall, your agency was the perfect choice to market our home successfully and efficiently and effectively… that is what Jean and I really appreciate the most – you guys did your job and you did it well!!!!

    - Jean & Bob L.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Weakley Hollow Road, Madison
  • Heidi L. is professional, knowledgeable and very patient. We are fortunate to have her as our agent when we bought a house recently in the Shenandoah area. There were problems during the different inspections and Heidi guided us through the negotiation with the sellers. In stressful moments, it’s great to have an agent like Heidi who is calm and resourceful. She also looks out for our best interests. We highly recommend Heidi to home buyers who value a trusted advisor in their search for a dream home.

    - Lee S.
    Sold By Heidi Lesinski
    Forest View Road, ShenandoahCounty
  • You and Adam have made this such a wonderful experience for us.

    - Bob T. & Kathy K.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Fallowater, Sperryville, Rappahannock County
  • We had quite an interesting journey with our home buying process, however our agent, Tanya, was a rock star during the entire process. We had some uncharacteristic issues with the mortgage company we decided to get our home loan through. Tanya was quick to respond to any of our concerns and went above and beyond the call of duty as a real estate agent. She was extremely knowledgeable of the community and was always prepared with a pair of hiking boots for some of the treks we had to make across some of the properties we viewed. Similarly, she was extremely knowledgeable of the home buying/selling process and was always prepared to respond to whatever obstacles we faced while trying to purchase our new home in Castleton. We absolutely love it out here and could not have made it without all of Tanya’s help!

    - Karissa and David E.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    11 Gasch's Ln, Castleton, VA 22716
  • We were more than pleased with the services your team provided us during the sale of our home. The process can be daunting to say the least. The beautiful photographs of our home and detailed website listing brought prospective buyers in immediately. Just as important was your help in getting us through the processes of home inspection, septic and well tests, as well as all the other myriad of details necessary to complete the sale. Your quick response to our endless questions during the process was greatly appreciated. Your team is terrific!

    - Sharon G. and Ed T.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Champe Plain Farm, Etlan, Madison
  • Thank you! Can’t begin to say enough for all the two of you and Adam have done. Not only are you consummate professionals, you are unfailingly pleasant and, truly, a joy to work with. I know you know that we will continue to send referrals your way, but we wanted you to know how grateful we are for you working with us.

    - Jay and Kevin
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Gay Street, Washington, Rappahannock
  • Patient, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, experienced are just some of the words I will use to describe Tanya and her help with our purchase of a building lot in Rappahannock County.

    We worked with Tanya for almost 6 months from start to finish and had a great experience.  Tanya has excellent communication skills and was very helpful with navigating the process of buying a building lot and performing the due diligence required to make sure that you can actually build on the lot.

    We are very happy we had the opportunity to work with Tanya.

    - Joe N.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Fodderstack Road, Washington, Rappahannock County
  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work. So glad this worked out for everyone. I really feel blessed knowing that the mountain is in the hands of someone who loves it up there.

    - K.B.D.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Old Browntown Lane, Flint Hill, Rappahannock
  • Buying any property on one Coast, while one lives on the other, is never an easy task without the support of a true real estate professional who knows the local ins and outs. Through Tanya Paull’s personal, diligent and tireless service and research, including legal support, local laws, permit requirements, estimated costs of well drilling and septic field construction, we quickly learned the answers to all our questions to help us decide which property to choose. The offer and closing paperwork was done digitally long distance in a flash and when we arrived for the closing it was done in mere minutes. Not only that, she also had lined up interviews for us with several reputable local builders.

    How would we ever not recommend Tanya Paull and Cheri Woodard Realty?

    - Hans and Anita A.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Seven Springs, Reva Rd, Boston, VA
  • It was such a pleasure dealing with Heidi Lesinski. She was so thoughtful and made us feel so welcome into the Rappahannock community. We not only met an outstanding realtor- we made a new friend. We actually had so much fun during the process we were almost sad to end our property search. But, we found exactly what we were looking for! Thanks so much, Heidi. If your looking for a great Realtor we highly recommend Heidi. Thank you so much!

    - Debbie & Bill R.
    Sold By Heidi Lesinski
    Five Forks Road, Woodville, Rappahannock
  • We just wanted you to know how hard Patty Obregon worked at selling our lakeside cottage. Despite multiple obstacles including a last minute title issue and a million questions from its new owner, Patty just kept working through each issue and challenge. She kept us informed and grounded during some pretty trying times. I don’t think we would have sold the cottage if it had not been for all her hard work. Please let her know how much we appreciate everything that she did for us.

    - Linda & Cooper W.
    Sold By Patricia Obregon
    Lake View, Amissville, Rappahannock
  • When we decided the time had come to retire to spend more time with family and friends, there was no question to whom we would turn to help us list and sell the Gay Street Inn in Washington, Virginia. Cheri Woodard and her amazing team had helped us purchase the Gay Street Inn a few years earlier, and had impressed us not only with their friendly and very personal care and concern, but also with their knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. Our association with our new friends at Cheri Woodard Realty continued after we relocated to Little Washington. We were especially impressed by the way Cheri, Martin, Adam and others supported local charities and participated in local affairs. Our recent experience as sellers confirmed that our decision to rely on people we knew and trusted to help us with the successful sale of our property had been the right choice.

    Having worked directly with Cheri, Martin, and Adam, we can attest to the depth and breadth of the service provided both buyers and sellers by Cheri Woodard Realty. If you are considering a purchase or a sale, you could do no better than contacting and speaking with one of these outstanding professionals.

    - Gary & Wendy A.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Gay Street, Washington, Rappahannock
  • You were critical in helping us get the deal done. Being nervous first-time home buyers, you made the experience as painless as possible. You answered every question we had and kept reassuring us throughout the whole process keeping our confidence where it needed to be to get it done smoothly. And not only did we have a great Realtor, but we made our first friend and we’re so excited to start the rest of our lives here! We seriously can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us.

    - Eric and Aleyna
    Sold By Ashleigh Cannon
    Whorton Hollow, Castleton, Rappahannock County
  • We wanted to send you a note to express how very pleased we were to have worked with Patricia Obregon. We truly had an exceedingly positive experience from the very start. We’re certain you’re aware of the true gem that she is both professionally and personally but we just found the need to share our experience with you.

    When we met Patricia, we had a vision but very little knowledge about the area and the process of purchasing raw land. Patricia was invaluable in aligning our wishlist with reality and really guided us through a learning process that helped us find the right fit for us. Her enthusiasm, expertise, professionalism, patience and truly full-service approach is one of a kind. We trusted she had our best interest in mind and that motivated us to push forward until we found the land we recently purchased. We thank our lucky stars for finding the listing that led us to your company and hope to recommend many buyers and sellers your way in the future.

    - Leslie & Spencer M.
    Sold By Patricia Obregon
    Fodderstack Road, Rappahannock County
  • We’ve been coming to our favorite town of Sperryville for 5 years. In April of of this year, my husband and I brought our family with us for the first time for a long weekend. We wanted to show our kids why we love it here so much! A house had just popped up on the market and I had a feeling we should request a showing! We were recommended to use Adam as our agent by a friend as well as one of his colleagues. We went to see the house and fell in love with it. Adam was by far the best real estate agent we have ever had! He was knowledgeable, professional, and answered all our questions. He talked us through the process, helped us make the best decisions when submitting our offer, continuously responded and communicated with us, and even called at 9:15 at night when he finally knew the house was ours! Adam even went to the home inspection for us since we live out of state. He represented us well and I thoroughly trust his input. If we ever need a realtor in the future, I will be using Adam. We will also recommend him to everyone! We officially own a little slice of Sperryville and we couldn’t be happier! So grateful for the best experience. Thank you!!

    - Jen C.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    F.T Valley Road
  • They’re super as always!

    - James W.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Slate Mills Road, Sperryville, Rappahannock
  • With their vast wealth of knowledge in the industry, the team at CWR led us step by step through the entire purchasing process, all while demonstrating the highest level of professionalism. Their attention to detail as a cornerstone in how they do business, marks them as true professionals. Tanya kept us abreast by the hour on the arrival of new information not only thru the critical sale negotiation process, but all the way to settlement. We are sincerely grateful for all who helped in this very intimate and exciting event…the way it is intended to be.

    - Amy & Jeremy C.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    School House Road, Washington, Rappahannock
  • We just wanted to let you know how happy we are when we come out to the property; it was the perfect place for us – thank you again for all of your help in getting us here.

    - Stuart G.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Fodderstack Road, Washington, Rappahannock
  • I wanted to thank you personally for all your help in selling and managing the sales process for me at “Battle Run.”…Your realistic presentation of market condition with supporting documentation enabled me to make good business decisions in a very difficult market.

    I have been in the real estate business for 40 years and the service you and your company provided far exceeded my expectation.

    - Vince M.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Battle Run Farms, Washington, Rappahannock
  • Cheri and her staff were great in helping us find a wonderful property.  As we were interested in not only the house, but also the property, we appreciated that Cheri and her team were willing to hike and mule with us through cold weather and rugged woods, and were able to provide information about the ‘neighborhoods’ we saw.  And Cheri seems to know everyone in the county, so she helped us pick the nicest neighbors as well!

    - Joyce and Mike W.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Bean Hollow Road, Flint Hill, Rappahannock
  • Patricia is a great negotiator! Without her knowledge of the market and skill in negotiating the deal, we would not have been able to close the deal.

    - Andrea B.
    Sold By Patricia Obregon
    Andrea Baer
  • Our new Rappahannock home in Woodville is a wonderful combination of seclusion and convenience. We are so thankful to Adam Beroza for his patient guidance as he tried to understand our evolving concept of what we wanted in a mountain home. Over the past two years, he has cheerfully driven us all over Rappahannock County, with a passion and knowledge of the area that only a true native could have. We value both his professionalism throughout the process and the friend he has become.

    - Jim K and Cathy D
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Yancey Road, Woodville, Rappahannock
  • Cheri Woodard Realty did a great job with the marketing and sale of our 100+ acre property in Rappahannock County on Red Oak Mountain. Country property is tricky to price, since properties vary in size, road access, utilities, slope, and countless other ways. CWR did a remarkable job in helping us set the right price on the property. I am sure that no other agent would have had the market knowledge and patience required to find the right buyer and get the value we did. Part of CWR’s value comes from their deep knowledge of the area. They knew the history of our property better than we did, they knew all the neighbors, and in fact were able to put together deals to sell portions of the property to neighbors at prices comparable to the overall value that made the remaining parcel more marketable. CWR personalized their approach to us as clients, providing just the right amount of communications about activity on the property and in the area. We never felt out of touch or pressured. It always felt like their interests were exactly aligned with ours–be patient to maximize value.

    - Jon C.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Red Oak Mountain Road, Woodville, Rappahannock County
  • Sharon Luke, the Super Agent. Someone who can, and does, manage anything and everything. Thank you!

    - Kathie & Paul R.
    Sold By Sharon Luke
    Resettlement, Huntly, Rappahannock County
  • The Cheri Woodard Realty team was wonderful! They guided us through the sale of our home that we had here for 35 years with expertise and personal support. We also admired how they were helpful and open to buyers who explored the property. Cheri, we greatly appreciate all the time, effort and advice you gave us. Many thanks to you and your company.

    - Mary Beth and Peter D.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Five Forks Road, Woodville, Rappahannock
  • I appreciated your attention to details and quick follow-up as you helped me move through the steps of selling my home. You made the process relatively quick, easy, and stress-free. This was particularly important as I wasn’t living in the area.
    Thank you for going the extra mile!
    - Buck and Pamela B.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    6 Hopewell Ln, Sperryville, Rappahannock
  • I hoped to find a realtor familiar with every nook and cranny of the county; who wouldn’t roll his eyes at my picky aesthetics and list of requirements; someone who’d know everyone and everything. Adam was all this and more—simply the best realtor with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. He answered my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. His experience, negotiating skills, and familiarity with the market led to the perfect place at the perfect price. I’m already looking for new properties just so I can enjoy working with Adam again.

    - Alex P.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
  • Having bought and sold many homes over the past few decades, we can easily say that working with Cheri Woodard was the best agent experience we have had. Cheri was available when we needed her and stayed in constant communication with us throughout the process. She was professional, reliable and honest. Her knowledge of the local market and negotiating skills ensured us the best offer for our home. And did I mention results? We had multiple offers shortly after listing!

    - Sharon and Scott W.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Weaver Hollow Road, Banco, Madison
  • We want to thank you for the outstanding job you did helping us purchase our dream property in Rappahannock county. The uniqueness of the property led to some unexpected hurdles – each of which you helped us tackle. Martin’s in-depth understanding of raw land and the time he spent actually walking and understanding our property made all the difference. We could not have closed the deal without you and recommend you without hesitation.

    - Christina and James B.
    Sold By Martin Woodard
    Blackwater Lane, Boston, Rappahannock
  • Working with Adam Beroza and the Cheri Woodard realty team was such a pleasure for me and my wife. We set out on a search for a home with only a rough idea of what we were truly looking for, and Adam was able to locate our dream property. We asked him to look into numerous properties during our search, and he was always more than happy to accommodate. He brought the perfect match to us after gaining a feel for what we both valued in a home. To keep our minds at ease through each step of the process, Adam provided insightful guidance and explained everything in terms that we could easily understand. He demonstrated a deep knowledge of the real estate market and gave us access to his extensive network of professionals who were willing to help in the myriad related tasks that come with buying a home. When you go with this team you can be sure they will treat you right, and they will get you into the home that you’ll love.

    - J. and A. R.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Duet Road, Etlan, Madison
  • Thank you so much for all of your help over the past two years. Debi and I are very excited and are looking forward to our eventual transition to the country! We owe you a big hug next time we see you.


    - Debi and James C.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Whippoorwill Road, Madison
  • Just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your efforts during and after the purchase of our lot. We appreciate the information you brought to the table during our decision to buy, including the perc test, surveyor, excavator, potential builders, and contacts at the County. Not only did you make a friend in us, but also in our previous realtor which you willingly treated professionally and fairly. We appreciate your ongoing input and conversations as we move forward with our building plans, “service after the sale” as they say.

    - Will and Joyce L.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Poplar Ridge
  • From photo to finish Adam was on the spot making sure everything feel into place for the sale of Black Bear Crossing. The whole team at Cheri Woodard Realty did a swell job. Thank you.

    - A.R. & J.D.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Clark Lane, Washington, Rappahannock County
  • Thanks for your work on [selling our property]. We appreciate all the time and effort you put in the sale.

    - Sonia G.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Grinton Lane, Flint Hill, Rappahannock County
  • Cheri, thank you so much for all your help in selling my property. I really appreciate your kindness and all the extra steps you took to help me with this long distance sale. Thank you! All the best!

    - Cindy C.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Ash Tree Lane, Washington, Rappahannock
  • We signed up with Adam to sell a property that had not sold with a prior realtor for years. Adam got to work right away and we had a buyer within 45 days. He assisted us with some issues that we had since we live out of state. This was not part of his job but he quickly and without hesitation helped us anyway. I highly recommend Adam and
    Cheri Woodard Realty for your real estate needs.

    - Kathy G.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Inlet Road, Culpeper
  • When searching for a realtor to list our property, we were initially impressed by the Cheri Woodard Realty website which does an excellent job of presenting properties listed for sale. Prior to receiving a commitment to list, they prepared a comprehensive report evaluating our property. They shared the report at our first in person meeting and outlined a custom plan for marketing the property. The knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by Cheri and Adam at our first meeting convinced us to list with them. This turned out to be a very good decision! Adam and Cheri Woodard Realty did an exceptional job of marketing the property, keeping us fully informed during the process, and completing the sale in less than four months. We would highly recommend them for any real estate needs.

    - Kelly and John L.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Etlan Road, Madison County
  • Our buyers agent was Tanya Paull—and she was amazing. She is knowledgeable, patient, and fiercely represented our best interests.
    Tanya helped us understand the process, and she has even helped us past closing to integrate into the community. She is a great credit to your brokerage—and we loved working with her. She was amazingly available, communicative, professional, and made a wildly unmanageable process do-able. Thank you and your team! We will recommend you all to any and all people looking to buy in the Piedmont!

    - Megan and Jeff S.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Poor House Road, Madison
  • Adam was extremely friendly and equally knowledgeable about the County, the land and the process. We enjoyed meeting him and working with him to secure our land. we would highly recommend him to anyone!

    - Emily and Robert C
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Lyle Lane, Washington, Rappahannock
  • Selling my house, a niche Rappahannock gem, was always going to take a special effort. I knew that it would appeal to a particular demographic with defined tastes. Adam
    Beroza got this immediately, and his tailored marketing campaign targeted the appeals of this special property precisely to this narrow audience. He worked with me to set the right price within the context of the marketplace, and he reached out to his extensive list of potential clients seeking property in our region. His efforts produced a steady flow of likely buyers and other agents with prospects of their own. When the right offer arrived in only three months, Adam took charge of everything, including answering inspections. This was especially helpful because I had moved to another state before the house sold. In every property sale barriers emerge that we cannot foresee, and this sale was no exception. Adam surmounted all the barriers quickly and efficiently, propelling a very short closing date, which satisfied everyone. I couldn’t be happier with the result, and can recommend Adam and his firm enthusiastically.

    - Enders W.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Long Mountain Road
  • Adam Beroza is a top-notch realtor! Selling our farm house in Rappahannock County was the fastest, smoothest real estate transaction we’ve experienced! Adam went above and beyond! The fresh orchid hand-delivered to our new home was a thoughtful touch too!

    - Dana and Andy T.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Kilby Farm Lane
  • We recently completed a challenging purchase with Cheri as our representative and we can could not have been more pleased with her professionalism and diligence. These traits also extend to her entire team including her husband and fellow broker, Martin, who offered invaluable insight throughout the purchase. Our transaction was difficult on many levels because it was an civil-war era home that needed repairs. The due diligence process was long and arduous but Cheri was patient and had a great sense of when to hold firm on issues and when to relent on those that were not so critical. She is a seasoned and savvy negotiator who understands that a win-win mindset more often gets the deal done.

    Several times over the last few years we tried unsuccessfully to either go it alone or use an out-of-town broker for representation and every time those deals were lost. We learned our lesson the hard way and decided we needed a local expert with deep ties to the community and a wealth of local knowledge. I am convinced that the only way we were able to complete our deal was through Cheri’s outstanding relationships with the local professionals who touched the transaction. From the home inspector to the lender to the myriad of contractors she helped coordinate, it was apparent to us that everyone appreciated and respected her straightforward and professional approach and ability to get deals done. Most importantly to us, she does what she says she will do and she does it well, while always keeping her clients fully informed and their best interests at heart. Honesty and forthright communication are too often lacking in real estate transactions and we can confidently say that Cheri considers these as basic tenets of her business and because of this it is no surprise that she has been so successful. We unequivocally and wholeheartedly recommend Woodard Realty to anyone considering a transaction in Rappahannock County or the surrounding area.

    - G. and N. R.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Battle Run Road, Washington, Rappahannock
  • Adam Beroza did a fantastic job selling our property in Rappahannock VA. His customer service was superb and the process from listing to negotiation to sale was seamless. Adam used systems that made a bi-coastal family sale so simple and easy. I highly recommend Adam and Cheri Woodard Realty to get the job done!

    - T. J.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Virginia Pines Lane, Chester Gap, Rappahannock
  • Cheri Woodard Realty did a great job of presenting and selling my property. I was really surprised at how many people viewed the property. The write-up they prepared sounded so great that I wondered why I was selling it! Thanks for a super job.

    - Walter R.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    57 Fiddlers Glen Ln, Castleton, Rappahannock
  • Tanya Paull provided detailed guidance and follow-through in our search, review, inspection, and settlement for our new home.  She set us up with local service providers who could be trusted to remediate some problems in a timely manner.  And, she made the process pleasant and understandable. Thank you Tanya!

    - Patti N.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Thornton Gap Church Road, Sperryville, Rappahannock
  • Thanks too for all your help in completing this sale. It was a tough assignment and you have been attentive, professional and open with us throughout. If we’re ever fortunate enough to receive another real estate gift in your area, we’ll call you! We appreciate your help in making (this sale) possible.

    - Anne K.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Forest Grove Road, Amissville, Rappahannock
  • Working with Cheri Woodard and her staff has been a delightful experience. From day-one Cheri provided efficient and excellent advice, professional and focused service, and gracious, cheerful, and courteous support. Throughout the process of managing the sale of my two houses and acreage Cheri was in regular contact with me, providing helpful feedback and suggestions – she was always available whenever I needed to be in touch with her. She and her staff are highly competent professionals in whom I had great confidence at all stages of marketing and selling my property. Congratulations to all concerned!

    - Jennifer M.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Little Long Mountain Road, Huntly, Rappahannock County
  • As a long term resident of Rappahannock, I’ve known Cheri to be a professional in touch with the community and chose her to represent my home when I decided to sell. Although my home did not command a high sales price, I knew she would care, manage and show the property well for it to have the best opportunity to sell in a timely manner regardless of the market. Even though I was quite a distance away, living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Cheri diligently kept me up-to-date and informed of every development and I’m confident she managed my property professionally as few could. With her attention to detail, efficiency and foresight, Cheri promoted possibilities and diminished potential roadblocks. Cheri and her team are professionals and I would without a doubt recommend them to anyone considering selling or buying a home.

    - Robin H.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Bolton Branch Lane, Huntly, Rappahannock
  • I signed the listing agreement to sell raw land in Flint Hill on February 7, 2017.  The closing was May 26, 2017, 108 days later!, unbelievable!!  Also unbelievable was how little work I had to do.  Adam handled everything; he told me exactly what I needed to get from my bank, he got the surveyor out for me, he did all the leg work required of the county, he set up my attorney to close on the property.  And Adam got the price I wanted!!!  Adam was in contact with me at every turn keeping me up to date with the sale and giving sensible recommendations.  I cannot be happier!!!!  S s o o o quick and easy.

    - Beth H.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Bear Wallow Lane, Huntly, Rappahannock
  • Hi Cheri- thanks to you and your team for your strenuous efforts to get the sale done over the last 6 months and also for taking charge of all that last minute work on the property, which was critical.

    Thank you again for all your work, coordination, team efforts, and perseverance!

    - Rick & Judy
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Penny Lane
  • Cheri and Martin, Thank you so much for your graciousness and expertise. We don’t think we would have been able to start this next adventure at Bolton Branch without you. Our deepest thanks, Nancy and Jan

    - Nancy and Jan
    Sold By Martin Woodard
    Bolton Branch Lane, Huntly, Rappahannock
  • The service and personal attention I received from Patricia Obregon was exceptional. She is truly a professional. Patricia knows her market and provided me with excellent guidance every step of the way. Whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Patricia. I could not have asked for a better Realtor to facilitate the process of selling my home.

    - Mary M.
    Sold By Patricia Obregon
    Virginia Pines, Huntly, Rappahannock
  • Thank you for getting the house sold and for handling the details of the repairs.  We are appreciative and RELIEVED!

    - Susan and Richard K.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Bella Pointe, Culpeper County
  • Thank you Cheri Woodward Realty and in particular Tanya Paull, our real estate agent for your professionalism, integrity and uncanny ability to navigate with graciousness, and patience the complexities involved in this transaction.  Your in depth knowledge was paramount in sealing the deal. Thank you.

    - Chris G.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Scrabble Road, Castleton, Rappahannock
  • Thank you and your staff for all your hard work in getting our family cabin sold in a surprisingly short period of time.  I was so pleased and impressed by the photos and descriptions of the cabin and property on your website.  They really honored our family’s sentiments about the property and also brought a number of prospective buyers to the table.  Even though I live over a thousand miles away, your on going communication with me made the process seamless.  You responded promptly to my every question and concern and facilitated the listing and sale with an easy-to-use electronic signature procedure. Your professionalism is outstanding.

    - J. B.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Padua Lane, Sperryville, Rappahannock
  • Thank you so much for your help during this long sale process – you have certainly earned your commission on this one! We are truly grateful.


    - Francisco F. & Bernice B.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Nethers Road, Sperryville, Madison County
  • Melissa and I want to thank you and Martin for all of your help and hard work to get the sale complete. We really appreciate all of the extras that you provide as part of the service you provide. It’s so refreshing to work with people like you and Martin.

    - Melissa and Joe B.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Jenkins Lane, Sperryville, Rappahannock
  • Thank you, Tanya, for providing superb support and service during our search for the perfect retirement location. You provided unpressured advice and recommendations to include searching in another’s coverage area. Your willingness to entertain our questions and to help us learn about the area was key to concluding our successful search. But beyond that, we were amazed by your efforts to help us work through all of the administrative issues associated with a successful and smooth closing. You really went beyond expectations from meeting us at site with little to no notice, identifying financing points of contact, arranging closing legal services, helping us establish our contract offer, and expertly coordinating with the seller to close the deal. And on top of all of that, it was a true pleasure to work with you thanks to your friendly and sincere personality. A true 5 star effort and we look forward to working with you again as we grow our orchard and farm.

    - Rory and Janey C.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    3 Wolftown-Hood Rd, Madison, VA
  • We recently had the pleasure of working with Patricia Obregon of Cheri Woodard Realty during the purchase of a home in Woodville. Patricia was extremely responsive, positive and communicative throughout the purchase process. Negotiations, inspections and the walk-through were all completed with ease and on time due in no small part to Patricia’s abilities and get-it-done attitude. We’d be happy to work with Patricia on our next purchase!

    - Diane and John M.
    Sold By Patricia Obregon
    Sperryville Pike, Woodville, Rappahannock
  • My husband and I closed on a property last week on Nethers Road in Sperryville. We were referred to Ashleigh Cannon of Cheri Woodard Realty by an old friend, also a resident of Sperryville.  From the moment we met Ashleigh, she had our best interest in mind.  Our contract was not an easy one.  Ashleigh had nothing but a positive and professional attitude through some very trying negations.  I can not say enough about her as an agent and now friend.  I look forward to making our new home another special piece of Madison and Rappahannock history thanks to Ashleigh Cannon.

    - Leigh & William G.
    Sold By Ashleigh Cannon
    Nethers Road, Sperryville, Madison County
  • We continue to thank Adam for making our new home purchase feel like the right fit. Adam is incredibly knowledgeable about the Piedmont area and its real estate market. His expertise is unassuming, never pushy and always helpful. During our house search, Adam was sensitive to our limited schedule and was quick to respond to our many questions – all with a cheerful attitude. We are delighted with our purchase and a lot of the credit goes to Adam’s diligence to find just the right place for us at the right price. He spent quite a lot of time showing us around the Virginia mountains, introducing us to the countryside and everything all the way through the close and after went very smoothly!

    - Glen H. & Janice S.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Shotwell Hollow Road, Madison
  • I cannot thank Adam Beroza and the staff of Cheri Woodard Realty enough for the successful sale of my property this summer. After having my property listed with a another firm for over a year, Adam and his team quickly sold my home. I was thoroughly impressed with Adam’s approach on marketing the property and the interest generated through his contacts and web portal. His knowledge of the local real estate market coupled with his high level of energy, and strong communication skills made this sale possible. Adam and the Cheri Woodard team have a well-deserved reputation of delivering results in the most professional manner possible. You proved that you truly are the best!

    - Warren L.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Shenandoah Retreat, Luray, Page
  • Thank you so much for everything. From the insurance issues to the perc tests, you helped us every step of the way, and made it a relatively smooth and painless process.

    - Catherine
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Piedmont Ave, Washington, Rappahannock
  • Tanya was a pleasure to work with. Thorough, upbeat and professional throughout the entire process. We were very pleased.

    - Lilo & Tom W.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
  • I have not had time to sit and write to tell you how grateful I am to you for your guidance and assistance in the process! You and Tanya were wonderful and I am so very thankful to you both! Tanya was fabulous to work with. She was so communicative and understood all of our issues and concerns.

    - Helen F.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Harry Settle Road, Castleton, Rappahannock
  • When we had to sell the family home, it was a difficult decision. We live in NJ and knew it would just be too much. Cheri and Adam were sensitive to the fact that we would need a lot of help getting it ready for sale. They managed to find the perfect buyers who would love the home like we did. Cheri and Adam were in constant contact and took care of everything. We are very grateful for them and their expertise.

    - Kristina & William S.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Blackhaw Lane, Castleton, Rappahannock
  • Thank you so much for your expert guidance on the recent sale of our Mom’s home. You were particularly helpful in understanding her concerns and answering her questions during a difficult transition. We really appreciated your flexibility to be meet with us on our schedule. You were very good about communicating with us at each step in the process.

    On your advice, the home was priced just right and the listing attracted excellent potential buyers immediately. We were thrilled to get great responses on the very first weekend.

    This was the second time we have worked with you at Cheri Woodard Realty; and we knew we could count on you for a successful outcome. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother sale.


    - Kim P. and Carolyn L.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Stream View, Warrenton, Fauquier County
  • Adam was a real pleasure to work with and a great help in finding us a property. We certainly appreciated his patience and low key approach to working with us as we searched for just the right place. He listened to what we were looking for even as he exposed us to alternatives that we might not have considered but did so without pressuring us. Adam’s knowledge of the county was of particular value and his dispassionate analysis of various properties was very helpful to our decision making. He also gave us good advice during the negotiating process for the property we eventually purchased. We are very pleased to recommend Adam and the resources at Woodard Realty to anyone considering a purchase in Rappahannock County.

    - Cathie and Tom W.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Hunter's Road, Washington VA
  • I want to express my sincere gratitude for all of your hard work in helping to sell our Chester Gap property. It’s a great relief to have the process finished. Erin couldn’t have chosen better when it comes to agents. You were all terrific to work with. Thanks so much.

    - Andy P.
    Sold By Heidi Lesinski
    Pleasant Valley Road, Chester Gap, Rappahannock
  • Thank you and your team for not giving up on us.

    - Bonnie A.
    Sold By Bonnie A.
    Appalachian Overlook Drive, Linden, Fauquier County
  • I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did selling our cabin. It was your knowledge of the area, contracts with buyers and brokers, the way the property was listed and shown on your website, and you always making time to meet buyers that helped sell our beautiful Madison property. Please do not hesitate in asking Joyce or I to be a reference. Good luck to you and Martin and I have no doubts we will be seeing you again. Thanks again.

    - Joyce and Dale H.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Duet Road, Madison, Madison
  • We were very satisfied with the home that we purchased in Luray with Adam’s assistance as our realtor. He was extremely knowledgeable about the area, it’s history and the zoning regulations. He responded promptly to our queries and concerns and followed up when appropriate. He was punctual, professional and personable. We enjoyed having him as our realtor.

    - Diane & Wynell C. S.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    6768 US Highway 211, Luray, Page County
  • Just wanted to say thank you for “everything!”. I’ve got to tell you Tanya made it so pleasant and as smooth as she possibly could. She is lovely! Well mannered, well spoken and right on top of things.

    - Madeline L.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    17 Peola Mills Rd, Sperryville, Rappahannock
  • We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work selling our home in Flint Hill. We have been so impressed with your knowledge of the housing market along with your professionalism and client care. You always provided prompt feedback with each and every showing and the gorgeous photos both interior and exterior emphasizing the qualities of our property made us want to buy our home all over again.We chose Cheri Woodard Realty because of your reputation for excellence and record of achievements.

    You proved to us you are the best!

    - Joanne and Dave H.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Dearing Road, Flint Hill, Rappahannock
  • Thank you Tanya. You were absolutely great, helpful, knowledgeable, timely and every other adjective and adverb that makes for a great Realtor. And you can quote me on that!!

    - Matt R.
    Sold By Tanya A. Paull
    Gibson Hollow, Madison
  • Words do not come fast enough to describe the stellar performance by all involved-most especially Patricia Obregon, in my purchasing experience-Many thanks to all!

    - Dede M.
    Sold By Patricia Obregon
    Kilkenny Road, Fauquier
  • Thank you, Adam! You made us feel comfortable selling our property even though we were selling it long distance. If we hadn’t trusted you and Cheri Woodard Realty as local and long-standing Realtors it would have felt quite different. Your regular communication, information gathering, and help with getting price quotes for various projects to improve the property was greatly appreciated. Wishing you many more happy sales!

    - Katheryn P.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Pine Hill Road, Sperryville, Rappahannock
  • My recent experience with Cheri Woodard Realty was a positive one. Communication was excellent. Suggestions and recommendations were based on their many years of success.

    - Bob M.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Zachary Taylor Highway, Flint Hill, Rappahannock County
  • Cheri Woodard Realty is communicative, proactive, knowledgeable and professional.  From our first call, Cheri took the time to listen to exactly what I hoped to accomplish.  Adam was a consummate professional, bringing market knowledge and a friendly demeanor to every interaction while Emily was prompt and diligent.  What stood out most to me was the willingness to go the extra mile just because doing what is best for the client seems to be the culture at Cheri Woodard Realty.  The team approach is a big differentiator and really works!

    As an investor, I have worked with many realtors over the years and none have matched the level of service provided by Cheri Woodard Realty.

    - Carlton F.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Main Street, Sperryville, Rappahannock County
  • I met Heidi when I started my house hunt.  Not having been in the search long, I spoke with her at length about what I was looking for in a house and property.  With the housing market of 2021, I encountered unique situations that are an anomaly to an ordinary market or pre-Covid world.  Heidi was not deterred, kept looking and advised me on what she saw.  Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and incredible knowledge of the area made my search much easier while removing the stress of house hunting.  She minimized and directionalized my level of effort to only places that met my minimum criteria, thus maximizing my time.

    I would recommend Heidi and Cheri Woodard Realty to anyone trying to navigate the perils of real estate.  She is informative, friendly and will have answers to your questions.  Even the ones that you forget to ask.

    - Josh R.
    Sold By Heidi Lesinski
    Briar Patch, Boston, Rappahannock County
  • Adam Beroza was referred to us by a friend and we couldn’t have been more pleased! We thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He took the time to understand our needs and help us see the amazing variety of properties and the uniqueness that Rappahannock County has to offer. His humor and patience were an added bonus!

    - Holly and Brian M.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Forest Grove Road, Amissville, Rappahannock
  • Thanks for everything. You marketed the home well and we were pleased with the speed of sale, professionalism and outcome!

    - Rick R.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    Hazeland Lane, Boston, Culpeper County
  • I wish to thank you and Tanya for all the fine work that you both did and the help that your company provided throughout the year-long sale process.

    - John P.
    Sold By Cheri Woodard
    Annie's Lane, Sperryville, Rappahannock County
  • Thanks for helping us work through the early challenges of this real estate transaction.The project was a lot of work, but the results are pleasing.

    - R. D.
    Sold By Adam Beroza
    310 Roads End Road, Luray, Page